Saturday, September 20, 2008

After months of craving, I get to eat spaghetti...finally. It was all thanks to Hachiroku Senpai and the gang for asking me to join them break their fast at East Coast Mall yesterday. Originally, the plan was to eat at Laksa Shack but due to my extended craving for spaghetti we decided to go to Pizza Hut instead.

When we got there it was already near Maghrib and the pizza parlour was fully seated. So, we went to carrefour to buy drinks and light foods. We found a soft, comfy seat right in front of Giordano. It was my first time breaking fast in the middle of the mall's wing and it was fun. Done eating, we went for our prayers at the mall's prayer room and headed to Pizza Hut. We found a table and ordered a set for 4 persons. A few minutes after taking our orders, the waiter served the dishes on our table.

And there it was. The dish I've been wanting to have since a few months back.


One look at it and I can't wait to get the taste of the tomato sauce in my mouth. At last, my longing for spaghetti have been paid up (and paid for!).
Hontoni arigatou hachiroku senpai!