SENANDIKA ramadhan hangout [part 2]

Monday, September 15, 2008

Because there are so much to share about the hangout, I had to separate it into 3 parts. This part tells what happened when we got to the beach. We got to Teluk Cempedak at about 10.30 pm. Frankly, the moment Bro Peedot's car was parked I couldn't wait to get my feet wet. Everybody was excited to get to the sandy beach. So, after walking through what I called the Walk of Art, we headed down to the beach.

I headed straight to the waters and played with it for a while. I guess this is my first time being at the beach at night. The sound of the beach was truly relaxing. I took the chance to record the sound of the waves so I can listen to it whenever I feel like going to the beach.

To add to the excitement, Kak Izni bought Big Apple donuts. It was as if she knew I'm craving for Big Apple donuts these days - very understanding. Hehehe~

To spice up the night, we played a few games which included musical bottle. It's called 'musical bottle' because we use somebody's mineral bottle as the rotating object. DJ and Syafiq A handled the music and whoever held the bottle the moment the music stopped had to act out a scene or a character given to them. The funniest was the part played by Bro Azril as a transvestite trying to hit on a man (played by Bob). I've never seen him in that character before and it was hillarious. Kudos to Bro Azril for playing that part well. After a while they changed the game to 'truth or dare' mode and this time Bro Azril and Rani handled the music. Several others received the honour to choose between truth or dare.

After the game we went for our prayer and spend some time to have a drink or snack. A few of us had to go back early because they had events the next day. Bro Peedot, Syafiq B and I got McFlurry for ourselves. We tried the new Mudpie McFlurry and asked for extra chocolate only to regret it later. It was yummy but its sweetness was too intense. While enjoying the sweetness of the cold, creamy ice we received a call from Syafiq A. They told us to hurry back to the beach for a surprise. So, we went back to the beach and saw beautiful candles lit on the sand. It happened to be the lantern festival season and the lights were very beautiful.

What makes it even more beautiful was when Bob bought some candles and Syafiq A, Bad, Aini, Wani and Nani made their own candle lights in the form of a heart shape with a flower in it. That was very sweet.

We passed the time playing with the water. They bought soap bubbles and we sang our heart out. Syafiq A, Bob, Bad, Rani and DJ sang Bila Rindu to me just to make me blush. Well guys, I'm sorry you didn't succeed. I actually joinned them singing. Suddenly Bad stood up and started doing an act and asked us to guess what he was doing. Then we started playing regu. That was a blast. We divided ourselves into 2 groups and the battle begun. When it came to my turn I had to sign out Pemburu Emas Yamashita. Imagine how hard that was for me. But I did it anyways. Thanks to the sengalness of the group, I had a great time.

At about 3.30 am we decided to make a move..
Next stop? to be continued..