you're a year OLDER!

Monday, September 15, 2008

you're a year OLDER!

At the stroke of midnight of 15th September '08
has turned 9 years old.
you're a year older

::9 wishes for a boy who just turned 9::
may happiness and success always be by your side
it takes a long time to grow old so take your time
don't be afraid to make mistakes because when you do, we'll be here to guide you
live your life bit by bit and enjoy every moment of it
always remember that we love you unconditionally
if you don't know where you're going, turn to us and we'll show you
keep honesty and purity in your heart
don't deny your right to laugh, love, try, hurt, need, fear and cry because that's what humans do
live everyday like it's your birthday

to aa and adib: be nice to him AT ALL TIMES. not just when you need somebody to go upstairs or play video games with you.
(i repeat, AT ALL TIMES) =p
to mama and papa: please watch over aa and adib. love and miss you guys SO MUCH!
to wawa: guess we'll be celebrating from here, sis.