SENANDIKA ramadhan hangout [part 1]

Monday, September 15, 2008

Last Friday (12th September '08) SENANDIKA had it's RAMADHAN HANGOUT. It was my very first Senandika Hangout. I haven't been to any beaches in quite a while so this trip was really making me excited.

At exactly 6.15, 6 cars started their convoy from UMP - all headed to the Ramadhan bazaar at Jaya Gading. The plan was to stop there and buy kuih-muih so we can break our fast in the car while on our way to Masjid Sultan Ahmad 1. We managed to arrive at the mosque just in time for breaking fast. We ate, did Maghrib prayer at the mosque and continued with the agenda.

At around 7.50 we were ready to invade Ana Ikan Bakar Restaurant, Tanjung Lumpur for our main agenda. A group of senandika members were already there. Syafiq A, Bob, Bad and Syafiq C had to join us at the restaurant because they were waiting for K to close up Kami The Stall - a drinks stall at UMP's BazRa. Kak Izni and Kak Thiya had to join us a bit later too. The food was nice and we ate a lot. Senandika members really conquered the scene.

Done eating and creating havoc at the restaurant, all 8 cars made a move to attack Teluk Cempedak beach. It was my first time being there too and I happened to like the artistic atmosphere. Street performances, sand bottles, seashell bracelets, batik designs, paintings and portraits. It was enjoyable walking through all those things. And once our feet touched sand, the party begins...