A Special Relationship

Friday, July 25, 2008

Since before I came to UMP I've been reading a book by Douglas Kennedy (for those who didn't know, he also wrote the best-selling novel-turned-movie Pursuit of Happyness). It took me quite a while to finish it as the beginning was a bit too slow. Not too mention the lack of free time I have here in UMP. Only recently did I have the chance to finish reading it. The story only gathered it's pace after two thirds of the whole paperback book and suddenly I felt like I can't let go of it.

So, the story was about a single anti-marriage American journalist who finds herself thrown into a foreign life in a far more foreign world. She suddenly find herself pregnant and married to a British foreign correspondent whom she only knew for a few months. She eventually had to move to England and try to adapt with the totally different lifestyle. She had the most difficult delivery and was shocked by her husband's sudden act of trying to separate her from her baby. Left with literally nothing she tried to win her son back.....and she finally did.

The story made me think of how unexpected the world, or life, could be. We can plan all we want but in the end it depends on the will of God, or karma, or whatever you want to call it. Things can go our way all the time and suddenly there's a drastic change of luck...and everything can just seem so wrong.