my first technical english class in UMP

Friday, July 11, 2008

For our first period of English we were suppose to introduce ourselves. In order to do that we had snowball fighting. The snowballs were made of a piece of paper on which we each wrote something about ourselves and they were thrown randomly. At the end of the fight we each got a 'snowball' with the description of one of my new classmates and we had to write a poem for him/her. So here's what I wrote about my new classmate, Dilla..

I got a clue that she's wearing a golden ring on her left finger,
I found out later that it was given by her mother.
She introduced herself to me as Dilla
and she looks a bit like my friend Mashitah.
She came all the way from Penang
but I seldom hear her speak with a slang.
She said if she had one wish
she would like to be an angel,
So that while the world is getting hectic
she can fly high from the troubles.
She is about 155cm tall but her dreams are way taller,
She loves chicken rice because to her it's like her favorite platter.
Dilla is one of my cheerful classmates
and I hope we'll forever be friends
if not good, then great.

written by Nurul Afiqah Abdul Rahim (K27)


kamaluddin_sarif said...

your english is very good...

next time, can we speak in english?

i want to improve my english...