Beware of beggars!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

This actually happened to me and my friends when we were having lunch at a restaurant located somewhere in Kuantan. We were enjoying our nasi lemak and suddenly came a woman aged around 30. She asked us for RM1 and said that she was old and unable to work. We were hesitant as she seemed well enough to work. Not at all old and very healthy. We decided not to give her the 1 ringgit she asked us. After finishing our lunch we headed to Mega Mall to buy the usual necessities of a student. To our immediate shock, we saw the same woman who begged us for money walking around the mall, her hands full of Parkson plastic bags. We found out that she went shopping using the money that she had begged for earlier. So dear friends, please be careful with the strangers you meet out there. We will never know what's on their mind and we can never be too careful with them. Whenever you are going out, be aware of this kind of people. I'm not asking you to be selfish or stingy but think wisely before you act. Donating is good only if it is to the rightful receiver.