Thursday, October 16, 2008

Matriculation Chemical Engineering Seminar 2008 (MATRES '08) was held on the 10th until 12th of October 2008. It is to expose matriculation students to our Chemical Engineering & Natural Sources Faculty. This is actually my first time joining a programme organized by the Chemical Engineering Society or commonly known as CHEST.

I was the only first-year student in the committee, which means that I was the youngest (but not the smallest) of the bunch. In fact, I was the same age with most of the matriculation and secondary school student. In the beginning, I hardly knew any other member of the committee. Being the only newbie and not really knowing how things work around here yet, there was a slight fear that I wasn't fit for the task. Thankfully, all the other members were very helpful and I eventually enjoyed the gruelling work of a Documentation & Publication committee.