the pain of losing a friend

Monday, August 4, 2008

Friends come and go…but true friends will remain in our hearts forever. Friendship is a powerful thing that can either make or break us. It’s up to us to differentiate between the pros and cons. Friendship makes the simplest, littlest things matter. Like every time you are having a bad day and by just being there they can make you smile again and enjoy the rest of the day without worries. Like each time you are hurt and they are always there to console you and mend your wounds. Every time you feel insecure or unsure they are always there to support you. And like all the times you are in trouble they are always there to back you up. Having new friends is always fun and exciting but losing one will cause a heartache so severe that it seems like there’s no convalescence.

How would you feel when the person you care about turns his back on you and walk away as if you never knew each other before? How would you feel when you found out that a friend you thought you knew so well and trust with all your heart turns out to be a whole different person?

I lost a friend so dear to me not too long ago. It hurts so much that sometimes I wish that I could turn back time and undo the things I did wrong, take back the words I shouldn’t have said and do the things that weren’t done then. Sometimes I wish I could make things right again. If only I had the chance...